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 <b>SALE</b> American Taster 12 3/4 oz. 
  $1.05 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Belgian Beer Glass 13 oz. 
  $1.42 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Cavatina Sheer Rim 12 oz. 
  $1.27 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Citation Taster 6.5 oz. 
  $0.82 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Citation White Wine 11 oz. 
  $0.82 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Mixing Glass 16 oz. 
  $0.71 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Napa All Purpose 8 oz. 
  $0.82 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Napa Tall Wine 6.5 oz. 
  $0.87 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Napa Taster 10 1/4 oz. 
  $0.82 (as low as)
 <b>SALE</b> Shot or Votive 3 oz. 
  $0.47 (as low as)
 Alto Goblet 12 oz. 
  $0.89 (as low as)
 American Taster 6.75 oz. 
  $1.29 (as low as)
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Whether you are a winery, restaurant, bar or brewpub, there are plenty of reasons your customers are in the mood for a good glass of wine. Recognizing the vital role the right wine glass plays will help you get the most from your wines. The proper glass presents a multi-sensory experience. The clarity of the glass lets the eyes take in the wine's color and consistency. The shape of the bowl helps the nose appreciate the intensity or delicacy of the bouquet. And a quality rim properly delivers the wine to the palate to interpret the harmony of taste.