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ARTon Decorating Methods

Factory Direct

All of our decorating is done inhouse in our Lively, VA factory. We have been decorating glassware since 1986. You can trust us to produce quality products with your logo on them. No middle men are involved!

ARTon Products offers two primary methods for decorating glassware. The first and most popular method, screen printing is used most often and for larger single or multi color orders. We also offer sandblasting for very small (down to 1 glass), single color orders.

Our screen printing process allows for detailed custom prints on our glassware. It is ideal for larger production runs at a lower cost, or when color is desired. Unlike some other decorators we are able to screen print up to 5 colors on most glassware items.

The printing process involves the preparation of a special high tension screen. The screen is then mounted on one of our printing presses, along with precise tooling to hold the glass type. Glasses are printed on and then fired at high temperatures to make the imprint durable and dishwasher safe.

Screen printed glassware details:

  • The minimum size printed order is usually 24 or 36 pcs. It is based on the number of glasses in a case.
  • A screen charge does apply on printed orders.
  • "Per glass" pricing is lower for printed orders.
  • We offer both stock color options as well as Pantone color matching. Visit our standard color chart to view our available standard inks. Our most popular imprint ink color is Etch
  • We do offer up to 5 colors on most items. However, additional charges do apply with more than one color.

How We Screen Print

Screen printing...what is that?

Forcing ink through a high-tension mesh screen onto an object is the customization technique known as screen printing. A screen is made with the exact design to be printed. The printing process forces each glass up into the screen while a squeegee blade pushes ink through the permeable screen and onto the glass surface.

Why do printed orders have a setup fee?

Individual screen(s) have to be created for each printed order. Due to the significant amount of time and material costs it takes to create the screens, printing companies like ours must charge for setup.

What colors can I get screen printed?

We offer a large standard color palette for printing. And if you prefer a specific color that isn’t listed, just let us know and we will do a PMS color match. An additional charge will apply.

Will my printing last forever?

Our printing method produces very durable, long lasting results. Our glassware is fired at extremely high temperatures after printing for optimum ink adhesion. And, our UV inks lead the industry in survivability and durability. Most of our glassware is dishwasher safe except where noted on our website.

Do I have to order a minimum quantity?

There is a minimum order quantity which is based on the number of items per case for all printed orders. We can sandblast smaller orders (all the way down to one glass) for orders meant as gifts.

What if I want more than one color printed?

We can print up to five different colors on most glasses. However, we do have to charge for each additional color, after the first one, because colors are added to the glass in layers. A separate screen has to be made for each color used and the glasses have to go through a separate printing cycle each time.

Sandblasted glassware details:

Our sandblasted engraving method is ideal for very small orders (all the way down to a single glass or item).

We produce our custom engraved glassware in a sandblasting cabinet, after prepping it with hand applied film masks and protective taping. The sandblasted ware is then washed and prepped for shipment.

Here are some things to know about our engraved glassware:

  • There are no minimum quantities. Order as few as one glass!
  • The etching is permanent, as it is carved into the glass surface. It cannot ever wash or wear off.
  • Everything that is engraved will be frosted white on the clear glass. There is no option for color with engraving.
  • As compared to our printed glasses, engraved glassware is more expensive. Please contact customer service for pricing.

How We Etch/Sandblast Glassware:

How are the glasses engraved?

We use sandblasting, which is the preferred method for engraving glass. Sandblasting produces a deep, permanent mark, and it allows for great flexibility in design. It produces the best result of all the available engraving methods

How does the sandblasted engraving method work?

With this method, an individual film mask is made and hand applied to each glass, which is then “blasted” in a cabinet by a high pressure stream of air and abrasive (sand). The mask protects the glass areas that will remain clear, while the abrasive etches away the glass in the areas to be engraved. The result is an elegant, deep, and even mark on the glass.

Is the engraving permanent?

Yes. It is carved into the glass, the engraving will never wash, chip, or wear off.

Other Decorating Options


22K gold, palladium or copper rim available on most glass and ceramic items. Not dishwasher safe.

Gold or Platinum Banding (4mm band)

For a premium look, choose rim banding. ARTon Products uses only pure platinum or 22K gold to band all of our glassware.

Precious Metal Imprints

22K gold, palladium or copper imprint available on most glass and ceramic items. Not dishwasher safe.