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Our Story

ARTon Products was originally founded in 1986 by Arthur and Maureen Roberts in Lottsburg, VA. They purchased an old general store, and for the first several years, they lived in an apartment above the shop with the business running down below. As their family grew, so did the business, and in 1995 the business moved into its current location in Lively, VA. Today, the business is still family owned and operated, and Arthur and Maureen now run the business with the help of their children and family.

Our Folks

Angela Ashton – Customer Service Rep

Angela rejoins our company after a three year absence. We are so glad she couldn’t stay away! Her customer service expertise allowed for a smooth return. Angela is a busy mother of two active boys. She is a sports mom and a movie buff.

Drew Hubbard – Customer Service Manger

We depend on Drew to always keep us laughing. She enjoys the NNK life of boating, and relaxing outdoors with a glass of wine. She is also a social media connoisseur who enjoys road trips, singing in the car, or hanging out with her dog Ellie.

Waldo Ramirez – Art Department

Waldo has been with the company since 2015. This guy is not only a talented artist, he is also into geeky stuff like 3D graphic design and robotics. Waldo is a man of many talents. He jokes, “I breakdance on my good days”

Lisa Roberts Roman – Sales Manager

Lisa joined the business fulltime in 2010. She enjoys running marathons and sports. You will find her coaching soccer at a local high school. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and fur baby, Piper.

Brendan Roberts – Production Engineer

ARTon Products literally taught Brendan his first word as a toddler. When going near the kilns (at that time) he would say “HOT!”. Now he enjoys 3D design and is a fitness buff. Brendan is a newlywed who adores his wife Ame.

Gracie McCloud – Security & Kitchen Duty